London escorts are the ultimate female icons of fashion

I think my personal style is dapper, it’s sexy, it’s functional. I really want people to see that I’m like a creative, I’m a dreamer, I’m like a powerful woman, you know, someone who is out here and just killing it. I like to combine both masculine and feminine energies in the way I dress. Anyone can buy fashion, anyone can learn fashion down at the school, but style is something that is internal that you carry with you throughout life.

I’m all about my style, baby. I’ve always dressed on the more masculine side of things. It was cargo shorts in middle school and then again in college and now thank God the cargo shorts are gone.

My clothes make me feel confident, they make me feel like myself. They make me feel joyful. – I feel like gender is fluidity as has been said a million times over and over again, but it’s truth, and my gender is fluidity. When I was growing up, I wore a lot of dresses and heels, and I looked very nice in them.

Sometimes I might have something long and very extremely feminine, but sometimes I’ll do a dungaree or a jumper and a baseball cap to the back. Fashion is all about comfort and style for me and here in London Escorts agency being fashionable is a plus and has many benefits on it.

I would have to say London Escorts is the fashion icon. Dresses and flower crowns. Girls in dresses.

I think non-binary fashion to me is freedom. I would love to walk into a store and it’s not based on men’s section, women’s section, but really about the styles and the fits and the different body types.

So, since London Escorts are ultimate female icons of fashion for me, I would like to shade my style that you may agree on. Since I work in London Escorts, and they say we are the most fashionable escorts, I get asked about our style *a lot*.

So I discussed this topic with some well-dressed Escorts friends, and we put a list together of things they would never do, and what they would do instead.

If you are a woman, you will usually not mix black and brown in the same outfit. It’s either/or. That’s why you own black boots and brown boots, black heels and brown heels, black sandals and brown sandals. You will probably not wear more than two colors at the same time in an outfit. Exception: blue jeans. That would be a third color, but that’s it. Same goes for prints. If you wear one piece in your outfit that has print on it, then the rest of the outfit should better consist of solid colors.

Otherwise it’s a bit too loud…a bit too…too colorful. No old jogging outfits. Ever, actually. Without being that dramatic and extreme, that’s the idea. No over-accessorizing. Let me explain. If you’re wearing large earrings, you probably won’t wear a necklace on top. Less is more. Less is effortless, and effortless is great. Also you don’t want to mix materials in your jewelry. It’s either all gold or all silver. In my case, I’m more the silver girl, which you can tell. If you’re a woman, you will not change styles every season or every year. You know what fits you, in terms of cut, length, colors. etc., and you actually just stick to it. You will invest a high share of your disposable income into high quality key pieces, instead of buying things that are trendy or fashionable. Exception though: cocktail outfits and evening gowns, in which case the shoes will have to match the dress and not the purse.

So women will go shopping, wondering, I don’t have a dress in this color yet. I like it, but should I buy it? Because I don’t have the shoes to wear it with. What about the backup plan–black shoes? Uh-uh. Because black is a color!

Accent colors. women tend to rely heavily on neutral colors, taken in a quite broad sense. For instance, khaki green, I would also add navy blues, grays and whites to that group of colors that are easy to build an outfit around. And then, there will be one accent color coming in to break the monotony, so to say. That could be a scarf around your neck, a nice hat,  huge earrings, statement necklace, a big arm cuff on one side (colorful if possible). A nice purse, something like that.